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do Zbóż - AMAZONE AD302

Masej - 2019-07-04, 17:31
Temat postu: AMAZONE AD302

Functions of this mod:
Sowing machine and power harrow can be detached (both need to be bought separately)
Connection hoses (4x hydraulic, 1x electric)
Working width: 3m
Needed power: ~ 105 kw/145 PS
Amazone KE3000:
Category: power harrows
Configuration of rubber ring roller and tooth packer roller
Configuration of gap between driving lines (1.8m, 2m, 2.2m)
Driving lines can be activated by using the button to unfold machines
>> unfolded: no driving lines, folded: driving lines
Amazone AD302:
Category: sowing machines
Can be rotated with left mouse button (left/right)
Can be detached from KE3000, if you only want to work with the power harrow

Driving lines don't work perfect with soybeans and canola
Helpers cannot create driving lines


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