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Opryskiwacze - Hardi Interactive Sprayers

Damian - 2019-07-20, 20:38
Temat postu: Hardi Interactive Sprayers
Hardi Interactive Sprayers

This is a package of Hardi sprayers, which can be found in the original FS19. These sprayers can pump the liquids back and forth. This works just like the interaction of slurry barrels in the original game. Also, unloading at storages for liquid fertilizers and herbicides works.

+ charge and discharge to other devices in this package
+ discharge at storages for liquid fertilizers or herbicides
+ color choice for base, details and rims with all colors of the known manufacturers
+ the sprayers also interact with the HS 8 Sprayer Support Trailer

++ unloading on pallets is disabled in the default configuration, but can be turned on again in the workshop or directly at the time of purchase
Autor:Holger Sengstock
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