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Masej - 2019-09-23, 19:28
Temat postu: [FBM TEAM] JOHN DEERE 7R

Today we introduce to you the John Deere 7 R of Lukas2002.

Basic dаta:

Price: 208.000 €
PS: 269
Category: Large tractor

What has he? What can he do?

Brand specific color choice [the main body colors the console and the starfish]
Starfire even more with a color choice
Rims color choice
Decals in gold or silver buyable
Large tire selection [Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas]
Warning signs configurable
Rear fender configurable
Terminal of the brand Samson configurable
Model was completely divided in Maya and assembled in the MergeGroup construction method
Door and rear window can be opened / closed via the mouse control

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Idee/Umsetzung: [FBM]Lukas2002 Unterstützung: [FBM]puma, [FBM]JensJupp Terminal: Platzhirsch_Group (Freigabe vorhanden)

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