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Ciężarowe - URAL 5557/4320-60 Farmer v1.0.2.1

Charmer - 2021-07-11, 18:48
Temat postu: URAL 5557/4320-60 Farmer v1.0.2.1
URAL 5557/4320-60 Farmer v1.0.2.1


URAL 5557/4320-60 Dump Truck
-Price: 53000€
-Power: 240hp(177KW) / 600hp(441KW)
-Capacity: 14600 l / 18800 l / 17600 l / 22700 l
-Configurate: Wheel, Color, Bumper
-Built-in support for the mod “Universal Passenger”

Improved interior detail
Added support for the “Universal Passenger” mod
Minor fixed and improvements
New sounds(thanks Erlan10)
New tires О-184
Added 600hp engine(built-in cheat)
Added rear working lights
High beam is now turned on with Ctrl+F
Minor fixed and optimizations
Сhassis transformation fix

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