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Hello friends of virtual agriculture ....

Today we have something for you .... The Marchner PFW7000 !! !
"LS-Welt" was so kind to provide us with the model for the conversion.
At this point directly again a thank you for the great model and the release!

VERY IMPORTANT !! !!! ----------> Mod rating not forget !! ! :)

So and this time without much talking directly to the point .....
"What's the problem ?! What's the difference to the original ?? !! "

Well in the workshop a lot has happened and the barrel is no longer 100% true to original ...

-New tire configs installed with color choice (standard, wheel weights, care and wide tires)
-Dynamic Hoses installed and improvised a matching bracket
-Dynamic Hoses are configurable (for those who play without DH)
Color choice for drawbar (original Marchner Green and Used_Rot)
-Texture adapted from the barrel
Model edited in Blender
-Couchable slurry hoses for visual enhancement (for those who play without pants system)
-Craperable Radschutz-Set
-Wopster Hose System Ready (LS world)

-Working about 15 m
-Füllzeit over pants system increases about 50l / sec
-Power requirements ------> 4WD tractors from 80 hp
-Filling volume ----> 7400 liters

The reconstruction work was carried out by Dani-86 and Oldenfarm

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Modder: Dani-86 / FBM Oldtimer-Team Textur: Ls-Welt,Dani86,Oldenfarm


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