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chuj ci w dupe

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Hello, Oberlausitz is a bonus version of the Zweisternhof Map of mine.

The map is now prepared for the update 1.3.
Now the grass also appears when drawing grass in the landscaping tool.
Banished flying objects
Update 1.3 absolutely necessary!
No new score required!

It took a small learning process to implement the Upper Lusatia for the LS19 and to get the flair somewhat like in the LS17.

Actually, that was just a private project, but I for a long time (until the LS19 is finally done) no Maps published, I present you the map as a kind of bonus available.

The farm and the villages are now almost as in the LS17. The rest of the map corresponds to the Zweisternhof. Furthermore, I have slightly improved the performance of the map.

Cows, pigs and chickens are located at the main farm, sheep and horses are built further west on a side yard that still has to be bought as a "farmland".

There are again 2 places to create own courts (for example in the MP).
The Hofsilo is again multifunctional.
Otherwise all standard functions are available.

That would be:
7 outlets
21 fields
6 meadows
all animal species installed
forest areas
Now just have fun with the ackern.
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