John Deere 4440/4240 40 Series
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John Deere 4440/4240 40 Series
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Imię: Maciek
Posty: 1749
Pomógł: 16 razy
Wiek: 22
Dołączył: 14 Lip 2015
Skąd: ja to znam
GG: 20905781

V1.1 Update:
Shadow error fix
Don't mean to spam, just want the best mods possible out there.

I've been working on remastering this thing since the first release, and I am very excited to get it to you. I've been redoing it with the new UDIM system, along with adding little details and animations. It's been exciting making these tractors, and I am so thrilled the community will be able to play with more than just a simple conversion.

New Features:
Key start animation
American hitchpin
Animated throttle and brake
Chrome stack option
No nub tires
Rescaled to be accurate to real life
and many more things!

Profil PW

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