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Welcome to Osina V3!

- After a long break, publishes the last version of this map to FS17, maybe it will also find its place in FS19, but time will show.
Forgive me that you had to wait so long, but time did not allow you to release this version earlier, I do not hide I lacked the desire, nevertheless, I decided to finish what I started.
I will be grateful if you take the time to download this map from the original link.
Although I have little time, I tried to do .. V3 only for you, I will be nice if you appreciate it;)

The map has everything that previous versions
However, I added some new features and things to it :)

Here they are:
I added buying fields (there are 52 all)
I added buying the economy
Compatibility with SeasonMod
I've changed virtually all crop textures, etc.
Compatibility with HoseSystem
Rebuilt farm with pigs and lightly with cows
I added some new fields ((including the largest has 72 hectares) (unblocked and completed fields that were previously not available))
I added a sawmill and a small "forest" in place of apple trees
Seeping capacity more realistic (62,000 liters for cows, 52,000 for pigs)
I have replaced all trees for those with Fs17 (for compatibility with SeasonMod)
Part of the machines to start a career, with modifications to be downloaded
New sky textures



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