Fenton Forest V1.32 By Stevie.
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Fenton Forest V1.32 By Stevie.
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FS19 Fenton Forest V1.32 By Stevie.

So to avoid confusion and keep it inline with the Giants patch number I have skipped the version number to V1.3x

Delete V1.3 from yesterday it had a bad animal issue which could crash the game so its gone and no longer supported. Do not use a save from it with V1.32. Do not rename the maps zip as that will break the map.

A new game save is an absolute must, the map hasn’t had just an update its had a full rebuild based on the latest v1.3x base map 1. On top of this it’s where I’m currently at with my personal build. It has new ground collision, foliage layers, shader, distance and lod adjustments, xml adjustments, new installed items with new id’s, combined terrain textures from both maps, fix for grass using the in game terrain editor, new foliage and an updated fruit density map ready for more fruit in the future. Price adjustments, rebuilt BGA and a heap more.

Lastly the main placeable areas have been split away from the forestry land buy. They can now all be bought for a single small fee.

As before the main farm is not designed to be removed by the user in game but the animal pens no can be if you wish.

The map will more than likely need caching in as well. To to this delete your shader cache folder, load the game drive the map, include some in cab driving and most areas including some night. Save and exit the map. Delete the save you just made, load up and play. The FPS should now be nice and smooth.

Have fun with it, Regards Stevie.


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