Mill Landscape Midland
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Mill Landscape Midland
Damian  Wysłany: 2019-05-12, 23:11 

chuj ci w dupe

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Mill Landscape Midland

Required mods: Composite machinesheds ((Vertex Dezign)They must be activated!))
Recommended mod: Disable vehicle camera collision
Seed, fertilizer and herbicides can be purchased at various locations on this map, remember that you open the cover on your tool to shop.

The Placeable Buildings which are installed on the map, all belong to you at the beginning. This has the advantage that they can all be sold. So you can play the courts as they are or reshape them to your liking.
The train is for decoration only and has neither collision and function.

Fixed BGA

Added baletrigger for woodchips
Added weightstations to all sellpoints
Some collisions and splitshapes removed
Some smaller fixes
Autor: D4rkfr34k
Pobierz: https://www.farming-simul...62&title=fs2019
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