John Deere 548H
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John Deere 548H
inteligentnyVers666  Wysłany: 2015-08-17, 09:13 

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Today I would like to expand the forestry equipment range for the LS 15 is a machine. This is a John Deere Skidder 548H, built to move Langholz, so long wooden back, as it is also called in the jargon.

Why Beta? Quite simply, I would like to have the Skidder equipped a working winch and with a pendulum guide (float position). Since these functions in the original game are not available and also the script documentary is slow in coming, the mod must first of all do without these functions, unfortunately.

To the model, I have remained in the model under the usual 80K and have at the moment 4K textures on the skidder. Now some will turn up, but I did not care personally nose. The textures are quickly halved for those who would disrupt it. The mod works on the Giants-standard scripts and so should cause no problems in MP.

But now I wish you much fun with Love Timber131

The mod can not be uploaded without my consent on other sites, unless the original link
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