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Forwardery - John Deere 1910G v2

Matys - 2019-05-01, 12:37
Temat postu: John Deere 1910G v2

The mammoth 1910G from John Deere features a low-wide bunk (VLS) that folds for transport, bigger tires for better ride comfort compared to other forwarders and higher ground clearance. Rotating, self-leveling cab turns 290 deg. for an all-around view of boom movements for efficient log loading. A powerful CF8 crane with a Deere 040 grapple

Horsepower: 280-320 HP
Boom Reach: 7.2 m
Rotating, self-leveling cab turns 290 deg.
Load Rating: 19 000 kg with VLS
Decking Blade and Engine Grill Guard

-New Grill In Front
-Corrected Dirt Map On Hood
-Fixed Black Spot On Door
-New Chair/Seat
-Changed Engines Name
-Added More BrakeForce
-Tweaked The Engine
-Added More Weight (So The Machine Don’t Tip Over With Full Load)

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