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John Deere - JOHN DEERE 6R 135-155R

Mastermind - 2020-06-23, 22:07
Temat postu: JOHN DEERE 6R 135-155R

John Deere 6135R- 155R series.
Added support for SIMPLE IC mod (LINK FOR SIMPLE IC script
(opening doors, rear window, sunroof, fold-out armsImproved interior colors for real.)
Added suspension front axle
Added screen loading
Added steering knob
Improved screen lighting
Improved lamp illumination
Improved led lamps on the mask
Update tire configuration + front fender change scale
Update store and icon mod
Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas tire configuration.
Frontloader configuration.
Cabin 4 or 5 config.
GPS config.
Exhaust color configuration
Fixed indoor stickers and illuminations.
Fixed dynamic hoses.
Real HP with IPS, fuel capacity and mass/centre mass.
Steering wheel animation when go to cabin.
Real front upper link.
LED lights on the mask.
Indoor seat camera.
Free of the errors!
Doesn’t lag, doesn’t crash errors!
Enjoy, game!



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