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Imię: Brajanek
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Pomógł: 23 razy
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Dołączył: 05 Wrz 2015
Skąd: Chymża
GG: 55227600

SFM-Modding team, steyr1, Erlan10, BM-Modding, Face, BigFarmer145, Sevorane, giants software. Edit: Yerlan Ashubaev

– Automatic wipers. (Corrected animation wipers, everything works fine now)
– Install the script physical camera, explain (while driving on uneven surfaces the driver begins to jump in his seat, with the seat emits a characteristic sound)
– Fully completed the all the sounds on the tractor.
– Fixed texture on the tractor.
– Detailed 3D model of tractor, both in the cabin and outside.
– There is a complete dashboard lights (do as laytmaska)
– Completely changed the physics of the tractor.
– Breaking frame relative to each other.
– Spark pose the wheels, which also added weight to her tractor is on fun and less slippage.
– Make the correct location of the wheels (width on the flight, height, etc.)
– Get dirty, clean.
M – set to double tractor wheels
Space – On / Off – interactive control

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