PIM-20 - ROU-6
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PIM-20 - ROU-6
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We loaded the trailers so that you installed them! A selection of two shabby trailers in the FS 2017 is already ready.
As it turned out, the old and shabby appearance is not yet an indicator. And trailers PIM-20 with ROU-6 for Farmer Simulator 2017 again confirm this. They are more reminiscent of the exhibits of the museum of old technology, but still excellently roll.
Remember the village life will help you the following characteristics of trailers:
Fully animated details. Each type of technician swims the bridge, and the ribbon and cardan effectively move.
Dirt rises in a column when the tractor pulls the tractor.
PIM-20 and ROU-6 are so rusty that even the dirt on them is not very visible.
Now let's talk about the fundamental differences between the two models of trailers. If PIM-20 is fully and completely imprisoned for transportation of grass and hay, ROU-6 is designed exclusively for solid manure and fertilizers.
Load capacity of trailers is 9000 and 6000 liters respectively.
The presence of a spreader with a width of 8 meters allows you to apply fertilizer at a speed of 15 km per hour.

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