CLAAS Arion 650 v 1.0
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CLAAS Arion 650 v 1.0
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Big tractor technology.
With the new ARION 500/600 models, CLAAS now offers the technology and comfort of CLAAS high-horsepower tractors but in the 140 to 184 hp power range. Experience even more comfort and practical solutions in the newly developed cab.
The high-performance 4-cylinder engine in the ARION 500 series provides outstanding versatility and power potential, particularly in PTO and front loader work. The 6-cylinder engine in the ARION 600 series features impressive tractive power and runs extremely smoothly both in the field and during transport operations on the road.
And if supreme comfort and handling aren't top priority, there's an entry-level model: the ARION 600 C. There's a separate brochure on the ARION 600 C with a lot more information and interesting details.
CLAAS Arion trailer and features NEW!!

export FS15
new Physics
new sound


Model: Smety

Textures: Smety

InGame: Smety

Profil PW WWW

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