DEUTZ 9005
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DEUTZ 9005
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Dołączył: 14 Lip 2015
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Hello Community, here we put our Deutz 9005 vintage cars available for download.

Version 1.1.0
We made the Deutz again and changed a few little things and added ...
- IC (many thanks to privatprivat)
- Instrument lighting (many thanks to privatprivat)
- div. small changes

What was done on the tractor?
He was scaled to the right size, the tires were adapted and installed different Räderkonfig. The light was adjusted and changed the Forderachse.

Support I got u.a. by Zetor6245 and Wee5t, who both put a lot of passion into the project. There are certainly 2-3 things that do not fit

as they should, but Rome was not built in one day. The tugboat does not have the nineteen texture system either, because we think that's not so good

fits an oldie. That's our opinion, because we've finished it for us and it's just a game that should not be forgotten.

Of course, we got the release of the modder from the 17er, again thanks to Deepblue, who has campaigned for it.

Of course I do not want to forget Giants, Streubeheubar, Schlüterfan 1977, Oldenfarm, Dani86, puma, PeterAH, retrofarmer

(If I forgot someone, he / she is welcome to contact me, will be added)

You receive support here: Deutz 9005

Update V 1.1
- IC control installed (release available)
- Instrument lighting installed
- div. small changes

There is no more version planned on my part.

Giants Software GmbH Streubeheubar, Schlüterfan 1977 Modder: Oldenfarm, Zetor6245, Wee5t, privatprivat, McBee Textur LS17 : Giants Software,Oldenfarm, Dani86, puma, PeterAH Sonstige: Schlüterfan 1977 Sounds: Retro farmer, PeterAH Scripte: Manuel Leithner, Rockstar94

Profil PW

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